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Using the Skype Resolver Tool

The Skype Resolver Is a tool that will allow you to extract various contact details from your Skype contacts. For instance, using the Skype ID of an individual, you can obtain his or her email address and IP address with the Skype Resolver. This can be really beneficial especially if you need to keep in touch with people not only from Skype but through other means as well. Therefore, you can go beyond Skype to connect with your Skype contacts.

This article will discuss to you why you should use the Skype Resolver of the SEO Tool Station. Below are the reasons why you should use this specific tool and how it can help you.

Fast Service

Using the Skype Resolver Tool by the SEO Tool Station is very fast. No need to wait for the results long because they will be instantly available to you after just a few navigations in the website and simple clicks. For instance, to extract the IP address of an individual using his or her Skype ID, you should just select from the drop down menu the Skype to IP option. The text field next to this is where you should put the Skype ID of the individual. And then you should click the submit button. Afterwards, the result of the IP address will immediately be given to you.

Accurate results

Another excellent thing about the Skype Resolver tool is its capacity to give accurate results. Fortunately, Skype IDs, IP addresses, and email addresses are unique to each user thereby allowing you to really get accurate results from using the tool. For instance, if you input the Skype ID of a person in the tool, you will surely get his or her IP address without error.

Detailed Report

The Skype Resolver tool is also an excellent tool that gives a detailed report about a person whom you are using the resolver for. The report includes the Geo-location of the person in terms of his or her latitude and longitude. The report also contains the location of the person including his or her country, area, and city.

Free Tool

Perhaps the best thing about the Skype Resolver tool of the SEO tool station is that it is free. You do not have to pay for anything just to be able to use the tool. You only need to have an internet connection to be able to access the tool. You can do so by going to the website of the SEO tool station and then clicking on the tool and then you can start on using it right away.

Make sure to use the tool so that you can get detailed information about a person in terms of his or her Skype ID, email address, IP address, and location details. You should then use such information to help your business or to whatever endeavor you may be pursuing.

Updated: February 7, 2018 — 8:49 pm

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