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Who would win, Salesforce or ServiceNow?

All of them could be configured (and customized) to the business process or firm ‘workflow’. The key is not to ask “what’s better”, but instead which matches or workflow most closely without too much additional effort?
The solution is actually to define what happens during each step across the way of these actions:
a) locating prospective customers,
b) assembling a business relationship(s) with customer(s),
c) reaching mutual understanding to do business,
d) performing on deliverable(s),
e) recycling this information for further business opportunities
The surroundings of present company applications & services (EX: Outlook, Office, etc) is also something to weight to the discussion. What are the integration points of the assorted applications in use now? What existing investments could be leveraged to solve the issue? Can some of the existing instruments help boost productivity of end users?

Updated: June 1, 2017 — 11:49 am

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